Learn about car salary sacrifice schemes fit for the future at Employee Benefits Connect

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Delegates that attend Employee Benefits Connect 2016 can gain insight into how to offer a car salary sacrifice scheme that is effective for employers and employees now and in the future.

During a roundtable session entitled ‘How to provide a successful salary savings car scheme’, Alison Argall, business development director at company car scheme provider Tusker, will discuss how car salary sacrifice schemes have evolved over the years, how to make them work for the long-term, as well as how engaging employees to share their experiences of a scheme can help drive take up.

Argall said: “The session will give plenty of case studies and best practice examples of organisations that offer employees a car salary sacrifice scheme in an informal and interactive session.

“It will also be an opportunity to hear from other attendees about what aspects of a their company car scheme have worked, and what hasn’t.

“Car salary sacrifice schemes are not a new benefit, and longevity is what many employers are now looking for, as well as making the scheme as suitable as possible for as many workers as possible because their feedback is critical.”

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Employee Benefits Connect 2016 will take place on 9 March at the Lancaster London.

For more information and to register to attend, visit: www.employeebenefitsconnect.co.uk.