Amey recognition scheme boosts corporate values

EXCLUSIVE: Amey’s employee recognition scheme has helped to drive internal awareness of the organisation’s core values.


The public and regulated services provider’s scheme, called Stars and provided by Red Letter Days for Business, has also increased staff motivation with the organisation.

The number of reward cards sent to employees has increased month on month since the scheme was first introduced in April 2014, with the biggest increase seen between October and November, when the number of cards sent increased by 56%. 

Some 700 £25 reward cards have been awarded to employees since the scheme was launched and nearly 900 electronic thank you’s have been sent out. 

Amey launched the scheme in 2014 as part of streamlining efforts following its acquisition of Enterprise. The company-wide recognition programme was designed for use by all 21,000 employees.

An online portal was created by Red Letter Days for Business with two main pillars designed to recognise and reward employee behaviour at Amey.

It includes:

  • Stars thank you cards, which can be sent online via the online portal or handed out in person to employees to thank them for their hard work. Cards, which have no monetary value, can be used for peer-to-peer, downward or upwards recognition.
  • Stars reward cards can be given to employees only by managers to non-bonus eligible permanent or fixed-term contract staff. The reward cards have a monetary value of £25 that can be redeemed via the online portal for a range of high street vouchers and lifestyle experiences.

Laura Neiland, HR business partner at Amey, said: “The campaign has been a very effective communication tool to help employees understand and demonstrate the organisation’s new objectives and values.

“Our employees have sent nearly 900 electronic thank you’s and many more hard copy thank you cards since the launch of the campaign.

“The scheme has really encouraged peer-to-peer recognition across all departments, which is a fantastic result.

“Due to the success, the programme has continued into this year. We very much look forward to seeing more employees shoot to success in 2015.”