EXCLUSIVE: Learn about the future of recognition at Employee Benefits Connect 2018

Jamie King

EXCLUSIVE: Delegates at Employee Benefits Connect 2018 will be able to gain insight in to how future recognition and reward strategies will be shaped by a different approach to HR.

Jamie King (pictured), director at Xexec, will present a session titled ‘The link between engagement, reward and recognition’ as part of the engagement conference stream on Wednesday 28 February 2018.

The session will explore how approaches to recognition are changing, as they are shaped by the development and progression of HR as a function. King will discuss the role of technology in the evolution of recognition strategies, as well as highlighting how to build a business case for recognition and demonstrating how recognition approaches can sit within a wider HR framework and set of objectives rather than in isolation.

King will also emphasise how recognition strategies can help employers to achieve HR goals and priorities.

King said: “[The session is] talking about recognition for the future. Not just about reward and recognition specifically, but how reward and recognition of the future is being shaped by different approaches to HR generally. So we’re not just talking about how technology will change recognition, but also how approaches to HR, [and] how the progression of thinking about what [the] HR function is supposed to be achieving is changing, [which] has an impact on how recognition needs to be looked at.

“Recognition [has] finally found its priority position at the top of the HR agenda. The importance of recognition is changing with broader HR changes. People need to think about how recognition can help them achieve broader HR priorities and not just focus on what recognition itself, in a more isolated sense, might do.”

Employee Benefits Connect 2018 will take place on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at Park Plaza, Westminster, London.

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