Nicky Morgan: What can employers do to address the pay gap?

The gender pay gap is at its lowest level since records began and there are more women at work than ever before, but there is still more to be done.

Morgan Nicky-Minister women and equalities-2014

Tackling the gender pay gap is about more than making sure women are paid the same for doing the same job as men, although this is of course essential. It is also about ensuring women can access a range of careers, including those with higher pay, enabling them to move up the career ladder.

It is vital that businesses understand the value that women bring to their organisation, and offer the support that is needed to allow women to succeed. I am encouraging organisations to sign up to our Think, Act, Report initiative, to ensure greater transparency over the role of women and how they are paid.

The government is also making simple and free pay analysis software available to organisations so they can see the difference in pay between the men and women they employ.

We are helping more women balance family life with work where they choose to, and the government is doing its part by extending the right to request flexible working to all, and from this year tax-free childcare and shared parental leave will come into effect.

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We all need to work together to tackle the gender pay gap, by mentoring, providing support and ensuring that there is no discrimination or disadvantage in the workplace.

Nicky Morgan is minister for women and equalities and education secretary.