Asda introduces onsite fitness classes

Asda has introduced onsite fitness classes in response to employee suggestions about how the retailer can help them lead healthier lifestyles.

Asda surveyed staff at its head office in Leeds and found more than 400 were interested in taking up a fitness regime before or after work.

As a result, it has launched fitness classes in its Tomato Room, an auditorium area at its head office, at a reduced cost of three classes for £10. Classes are held before and after work every day and include a wide variety of exercise activities. About 90 staff have attended each week, and an extra class is now being considered.

Kevin Trott, colleague relations and colleague engagement team leader at Asda, said: “It caters for all fitness levels – those who are new to exercise through to those who are planning to run marathons next year.”

The initiative has been promoted on plasma screens around Asda’s head office and on its intranet alongside details of local gym membership.

Asda is unable to run fitness classes for staff in stores and distribution centres, so is instead working with local fitness clubs to obtain discounted rates.

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