Speedy Services launches wellness strategy


EXCLUSIVE: Speedy Services has launched an wellness programme aimed at improving the wellbeing of its 2,500 employees.

Through the programme, which was launched in June and is provided by Optum, the tools, equipment and plant hire firm communicates a different health-related theme each month.

Employees can also access a number of fact sheets and online webinars, as well as a health risk assessment.

Monthly themes so far have included smoking cessation support and financial wellbeing advice.

Following the launch, take-up of several of the organisation’s health benefits have already improved. 

Vicki Twigg, HR business partner reward and development
 at Speedy Services, said: “We have an employee assistance programme in place and offer gym membership but over the last 12 months take-up has been low.

“The health risk assessment and the wellness programme has helped boost take up of benefits and the take-up of the scheme itself has been successful.”

More than 250 employees have taken part in the assessments and more than 400 employees have logged on to access information.

The scheme is also aimed at helping to reduce sickness absence in the organisation.

Twigg added: “Sickness absence can be a big issue for us and we wanted to look at wellbeing in a broader picture rather than offer the usual things you see in benefits packages.

“It is about supporting employees to give them a better lifestyle and it all adds to the work-life balance. We are trying to get people to take time out during the day to think about themselves a bit more.”