University of Lincoln introduces car salary sacrifice scheme

University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln has launched a car salary sacrifice scheme for staff.

The university, which employs 1,600 core members of staff, is introducing the scheme to further enhance its employee benefits offering.

The car salary sacrifice scheme, which will sit alongside existing travel benefits, aims to support employees’ commutes to work in the rural county.

The scheme, which was developed by CPC Drive in partnership with Tusker, will provide staff with access to more than 5,000 cars, including low-emission and electric cars. Employees can generate quotes via a bespoke website.

The university will run a roadshow in May to highlight the scheme to its workforce.

Ian Hodson, reward and benefits manager at the University of Lincoln, said: “The new initiative is one of many green travel schemes we operate to help reduce the financial impact of commuting and promote the value of reducing our impact on the environment.


“Early signs are very positive form the workforce that the new scheme will help with both of these aims.”