CSC offers staff multiple flex windows

Technology firm CSC implemented its flexible benefits scheme in 2000, and from the outset aimed to give employees a comprehensive range of benefits.

All UK staff have a core minimum level of benefits, which fall into four categories: financial, health, lifestyle and protection. The flex scheme gives them the ability to increase the level of benefits they receive.

CSC switched flex provider from Hewitt Associates (now Aon Hewitt) to Benefex three years ago. Donna Nind, head of compensation and benefits, UK and Ireland, at CSC, explains that the company needed to update its legacy scheme to meet staff needs. “As an IT company, our employees are fairly technically savvy, and they were probably looking for a more user-friendly portal through which to make their benefits selections.”

CSC rebranded its scheme to CSC My Choices after switching providers to match the new appearance of its online portal. When the scheme was first launched, it had an annual enrolment period; it now offers multiple enrolment opportunities throughout the year.

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There is a financial benefits based election period in March; an extra holiday election mid-year to allow employees to purchase additional leave; the main annual enrolment period in November, effective in January; and a number of benefits that can be changed at any time.

Nind adds: “We have tried to really make sure that the flex scheme is at front of employees’ minds all year round, and that the portal can be accessed all the time, so that [employees] are constantly reminded of the benefits provision.”