Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese introduces HR and payroll software

Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese has introduced a new HR and payroll software system provided by Bond International Software.

The Bond TeamSpirit system will allow the diocese to combine existing payroll processes with its HR function, sharing data between the two departments, which will significantly decrease the time spent on administration.

The diocese covers London and Hertfordshire, split over 369 parishes and departments. Over 1,000 employees are on its payroll system, all requiring individual monthly payslips.

While 75% of staff are employed on a part-time basis, 25% are full-time staff, with different rates of pay for a variety of different working hours.

Monica Turner, HR manager at Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese, said: “Our pre-existing payroll system simply did not deliver on the requirements of our organisation.

“We have a number of part-time staff wages to process and the pre-existing payroll system was not able to distinguish between our employees’ varying rates of pay. Gross salaries were easily reported through the system, but if we wanted to compare specific employees’ rates per hour or recent payslips, it became a major exercise.

“We are often required to generate different kinds of reports, either to comply with legislation from the National Statistics Office, or for internal administrative assessments.

“These reports were previously calculated and processed manually via multiple basic spreadsheets, often taking hours to complete.

“With Bond TeamSpirit in place, however, these reports can be produced in a matter of minutes, meaning huge amounts of time will now be saved and our staff productivity is considerably increased.”

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