Ipsos Mori introduces staff menopause policy

London-based market research business Ipsos Mori has created a dedicated initiative this month (November) for its employees who are affected by the menopause after signing the Wellbeing of Women Menopause Workplace Pledge.

The organisation’s more than 2,000 members of staff will get up to 10 days of paid leave each year to manage symptoms or support a loved one through the menopause.

They will also have a range of flexible working options, including moving to a different part of the office, temporarily reducing working hours and increased working from home, as well as adjustments to work patterns and changes to working environments, such as desk fans, occupational health assessments and quiet rooms.

Line managers will be trained on the condition to ensure they can provide adequate support and employees will have access to a wide range of groups and networks, including the menopause group, mental health first aiders and a wellness action plan.

According to the organisation, the policy has been introduced to address potential stigma around the menopause and to provide greater support to those experiencing it. Senior leadership want to ensure all employees are able to enjoy and thrive in their working environment no matter what stage of life they are at.

Claire Timmins, director of HR at Ipsos Mori, explained that for some, the symptoms of menopause can be complex and the majority suffer these in silence. Therefore, people need to be talking about the impact the menopause can have in the workplace so they feel empowered to take support when they need it.

“I am incredibly proud to be publishing this new policy, which I think will make a significant difference to the lives of those who are likely to experience the menopause themselves or may need to support a family member through it. People at this life stage have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are enormously valuable to our business and we want to support our staff, so they continue to have successful and fulfilling careers,” she said.