IGO4 donates £15,000 to air ambulance charity in honour of rescued employee

Something for the weekend: Dinesh Pathmanathan, an employee at digital insurance business IGO4, nominated air ambulance charity Magpas Air Ambulance to receive a generous £15,000 donation from his employer, for particularly personal reasons.

When Pathamanathan had a heart attack while on a hike last year, he received advanced medical treatment and an airlift to Cambridge’s Royal Papworth Hospital, ultimately saving his life. In order to thank the team, he elected that Magpas receive a share of the firm’s £120,000 donation fund.

The fund was introduced by IGO4 to support local beneficiaries, as part of its community investment programme. The £15,000 donation could keep the ambulance flying for three months, or fund five potentially life-saving outings.

A group of IGO4 employees presented Magpas with a cheque, and also took part in a fire walk as a fundraising activity. The two organisations have also planned future CPR and defibrillation training for staff, to be led by the charity’s paramedics.

Matt Munro, founder and chief executive of IGO4, said: “Charities have a tough time fundraising, not helped by the pandemic and the current economic climate, and we are delighted to be able to give this aid to a dearly held local cause that has touched the lives of colleagues and their families. Operating in a socially responsible way is incredibly important to us at IGO4 and we look forward to continuing to give support to the wider community where we can.”

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Daryl Brown, chief executive of Magpas Air Ambulance, added: “We’re incredibly grateful for IGO4’s generous donation. As a charity, Magpas Air Ambulance can only continue to operate 24/7 thanks to support from the communities within which we work. A donation as significant as this will no doubt help our specialist medical team to save more lives like Dinesh’s and keep families together across the region.”

Here at Employee Benefits, it warms our hearts to report about employers making a positive impact in their local communities, and truly valuing the wellbeing of their staff…