Kavitha’s keynote: Hybrid working models are the future

Every week it seems different organisations are revealing details of their new hybrid working models. This week in particular, we’ve reported on a number of UK employers that have introduced such initiatives, as staff return to workplaces.

Zoom, for example, has decided to allow employees to have a mixture of remote and in-office working after an internal survey discovered that more than half of its workforce would like a hybrid approach and just 1% actually wanted a full-time return to the office.

From September, clothing retailer Primark will also be implementing a new hybrid working policy as its office-based staff head back to their place of work. On average employees will be expected in the building three days a week, with their schedules based on the requirements of their individual roles, as well as agreements within their own teams.

These working models are well timed, considering a new study has found that 44% of UK staff want some kind of hybrid arrangement. Insurance company LifeSearch surveyed people about their ideal working set up for its Health wealth and happiness study, which further found that the figure rose to 65% among Generation X.

Meanwhile, Lubbock Fine accountancy firm has gone a step further with a smart working model that allows its 140 employees and 13 partners to choose when and where they work for the benefit of both their work-life balance and “the client experience”. They will be able to create their own work schedule to suit their individual wellbeing, family commitments and personal lives in general, while taking into account the needs of their clients and colleagues.

Clearly some employers are recognising that people’s working preferences have changed and are embracing flexible and hybrid working models to reflect this. Those that don’t risk demotivating their top talent and potentially losing them to competitors that have not just listened to their people but also taken action to ensure their needs are met. 


Kavitha Sivasubramaniam
Tweet: @kavithasiva_EB