How to ask for a raise at work?

You have been working hard at your job for a long time. But probably, your accomplishments are not yet recognized. Maybe they have praised the way you handle all responsibilities. But at some point, getting more cash in hand makes more sense.

So, you are planning to ask for a raise at work? That’s great! But the chances are that you are a little confused about how to make the first move. Well, the task may be a little complicated, especially when you are into your first job. Don’t worry! Below we have listed a few tips that can help you to ask for a raise at work:

● Be patient:
The key to success in every task is patience. The same rule applies to the time when you need to ask for a raise. First of all, it is important to understand that they cannot raise your salary whenever you hit a new goal. If you keep on asking your boss too soon, they may get annoyed. The rule of thumb says that you should wait at least for a one-year duration after getting hired. Then you can ask for a raise or promotion at work.

● Present your case:
When you feel it is the right time to ask for the raise, it is important to present your case well. In case if your company doesn’t follow the rule of the annual review of employee performance, you can consult the supervisor. In the meeting, you can outline your achievements in the past year. List out how well you have excelled in your job description. One should also highlight the projects he has completed in the set duration. The clear figures on official duties can make your case better and it can be presented in front of HR authority.

● Accept feedback:
There is no doubt to say that you should be confident about your work performance. But at the same time, it is important to accept the criticism as well. The idea is to look for an honest performance assessment. It will help you to make your boss realize that you are serious about your work. Employees that take criticism openly and work on the feedbacks are more likely to succeed in their careers. Make the necessary changes in your work habits and you will definitely receive rewards.

● Think about numbers:
Don’t present a vague idea about your raise; rather, you should be clear about the numbers or percentage. Be genuine with your demands; it is important to do the required research prior to presenting your case. You can concern your mentors or a few other trusted people around. They may guide you with the best possible amount that you should be earning at the current position. You can plan your raise accordingly.

● Don’t include your personal life:
When you are asking your boss about raise at work, there is no point to mess it with your personal life. In fact, your boss is not even willing to hear anything about that. Be professional and talk just about work life. Keeping your conversation more business-oriented will help you to improve your chances of raise