How can HR create an environment that’s ready for change?

By Kylie Green, Global SVP for Sales at Reward Gateway

Whenever I encounter amazing speakers at a conference or seminar, I leave the event with my mind full of inspiration. Like many people leaders, I’m interested in implementing ideas that are going to set my team up in an environment to do the best work of their lives.

Earlier in my career, I found that whenever the ideas I wanted to implement required buy-in from other parts of the business, I knew that I had a big challenge ahead of me. It was never easy to suggest something new if I knew there was a sceptic in the room who was ready to question anything that required them change.

What does it take to be part of the successful 30%? What does it take to get employees and leadership on our side, to have them understand what we were trying to achieve and are excited to join us on the journey? Click here to find out.