Get paid £1,000 to test bottomless brunches

Something for the weekend: It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Social review platform Psydro is on the hunt for a team of 10 lucky souls to test bottomless brunches – and will even pay them for the privilege.

Successful applicants will be required to review one meal every weekend for a total of three months, so the job is probably not suitable for those watching their waistlines. The platform’s hope is to have a total of 120 brunches reviewed by the end of the programme, with the aim of creating a definitive list of the UK’s top 100 brunch venues.

The Bottomless Brunch Testers will be paid £1,000. When they eat and drink their way through the seemingly endless feast they will also be able to treat a friend to the experience, who will also get their meals and drinks paid for.

As restaurants and pubs begin to open after the long hard Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic lockdown and life returns to near normal, this may seem like a dream job, however, be warned, this role is not without its challenges. All applicants need to be able to write a legible, comprehensive report on the bottomless brunches, and give a rating out of five stars – which could be a lot harder than it seems after a few hours of non-stop prosecco and unlimited prandial delights.

All recruits must also be able to access the venues chosen in their locality. Applications for the role close on 31 May.

Here at Employee Benefits, where a brunch without prosecco is considered just a sad breakfast, we believe such communal get-togethers are invaluable for boosting employee wellbeing and team spirit. So we salute the successful candidates and look forward to visiting some of Psydro’s top 100 brunch venues – purely in the interests of staff motivation and recognition, of course.