Facebook allows remote working for all employees

Facebook has announced it will let all staff who can work away from the office do so from tomorrow (15 June).

The technology giant has told its workforce that it will open up remote working to every employee and that anyone whose role can be done remotely can submit a request.

According to the company, its offices will be more flexible for those expected to return, with guidance stating that staff need to be in the workplace at least half the time. The offices are expected to be open at full capacity in October.

During the rest of 2021, Facebook’s employees will also be able to use a total of 20 business days to work from another location where they have authorisation, replacing the organisation’s Covid-19 (Coronavirus) quarantine travel guidance of 10 business days.

Additionally, the company is expanding remote work across international borders, and will support remote work opportunities for staff in the Americas moving from the US to Canada and those moving from anywhere in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to the UK. In January 2022, employees will also have the opportunity to permanently move between seven more countries in the EMEA region, where Facebook has the highest employee demand and is able to operate.

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According to Facebook, the business recognises that expanding flexibility is a big step, and will learn and iterate as needed to best support the health of the community, teams, and individuals working here.

A company spokesperson said: “Facebook is taking a collaborative approach of building together thoughtfully, learning and iterating as we go. This is especially critical over the next year as the world continues to normalise.”