Employee Engagement and what we can learn from Customer Loyalty [e-Book]

The art of customer loyalty is a longstanding and recognised expertise. People invest heavily in tracking and understanding customer behaviour to increase sales and keep their existing customers loyal, think supermarkets, high street shops’ loyalty cards and airline customer loyalty schemes. These are all highly strategic, scientific schemes with investment in technology and talent. Not only that, but they are able to demonstrate a clear and measurable ROI.

Now apply this thinking to employee engagement. If your employees feel engaged with your brand and vision and are rewarded and recognised for their loyalty, the increase in productivity and performance could set you apart from your competition.

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This e-Book looks at how to implement the right employee engagement programme for your business as well as taking learnings from the some of the most successful and well-known customer loyalty schemes. Discover the following:

  • What is Employee Engagement?
  • Defining your Objectives and Strategy
  • Learning from Customer Loyalty schemes
  • Technology
  • Measurement
  • Colt and Go-Ahead London case studies

Download Xexec’s latest e-Book to discover more about Employee Engagement and what we can learn from Customer Loyalty.