Currys gives staff 5% pay rise

Omnichannel technology retailer Currys has awarded its 10,000 UK hourly-paid employees a 5% increase to the minimum pay rate as of 1 August this year.

The rise, which is the employers’ second in the last 12 months, will see the pay rate soar to £10 per hour, or £11.05 per hour for those located in London. The business, which has invested nearly £25 million into training, wellbeing and rewards, previously announced a commitment to increase base pay for hourly paid workers, in line with 2021 real living wage rates back in October.

The new pay rate exceeds the Living Wage Foundation’s real living wage recommendation of £9.90 outside London and matches the £11.05 an hour figure for those working in the capital. It is also higher than the government-set national living wage for people aged 23 or older, which is set to go up to £9.50 an hour next month (April).

Currys said that it continues to upskill, multi-skill and reward its members of staff who are passionate and knowledgeable about technology, and proud to sell and serve customers.

Paula Coughlan, chief people officer at Currys, commented that the business understands the mounting pressures from the increased cost of living and what this means for its employees.

“We want to make sure we’re doing our part to support them, and that’s why we’re proud to offer higher hourly base pay rates across our 10,000 colleagues. There is no other investment that is more important in winning customers for life, which is why the business has gone above the £9.90 real living wage. At Currys, our colleagues are our magic ingredient and it’s thanks to them we’re able to help everyone enjoy amazing technology,” she said.