The critical building block your employee initiatives are missing

The critical building block your employee initiatives are missing

By Megan Gough, head of client communications at Reward Gateway

As we often say at Reward Gateway, employee engagement is a marathon, not a sprint. There are several building blocks to put in place, which can include initiatives like a discounts or reward and recognition platform, or a refresh of your internal communications strategy. There are always new ways to attract, engage and retain your workforce, and we also believe there is always room to improve and drive even better results.One way to take your platform to the next level is to take a hard look at the content you’re producing. Content is arguably one of the most underrated tools in employee engagement. Some example of content include:

  • A company-driven blog
  • Employee benefits announcements
  • Descriptions of your values
  • Important company updates

No matter what your content, it needs to speak directly to the individual, delivering a personal message that is relevant to them. Whether you feel confident enough to produce your own content or not, either written or visual, if you don’t have the right platform and means of delivery for it then you’ll find that your audience won’t tune in.

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You could produce the most mind-blowing content but if no one knows it exists then they’re not going to consume it.

So how can you make sure that you’re actually reaching your employees? Click here to find out how.