Creating “happiness” in our employee perks

by Debra Corey, Best-Selling Author & Advisor to Reward Gateway

At least once a week there’s a blog or article written about the weird and wonderful perks that companies are giving their employees. Is there a competition that nobody told me about… has the category of “weirdest perks” been added to the Olympics or something?

Not to be difficult or controversial, but if this is a new category, I don’t want to enter! Instead, I’d suggest creating a new category called “happiness perks.” Why? Because I’d rather focus on adding a bit of happiness to my workforce than introducing perks that are so bizarre that many don’t partake and/or understand. Also, as far as I can see, there are no studies/scientific research on the positive benefits of wierdness, but there is for happiness! Besides at Reward Gateway our strategy is to ‘make the world a better place to work’, so it fits in well with what I believe can make a difference with employee engagement.

So which perks for employees can bring happiness to your people? Click here to reveal some worth considering, based on studies/scientific research.