CMAC pledges to keep online workouts

Transport solutions company, CMAC Group, has announced it will make its twice-weekly High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions a permanent fixture for staff – even after staff return to the office.

The sessions were initially launched last April, as the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic first gripped the nation.

But after growing in popularity over the course of the year, its chief executive, Pete Slater, has announced the sessions will now stay for good because of the engagement and health benefits it brings.

He said: “Like many businesses, we were faced with the challenge of how best to support our staff as pandemic took hold.”

He added: “Beginning last April with just a handful of staff, they have since grown in popularity, and attract an average of 20 employees per session.”

Classes are held at 10am each Monday and 10am each Friday, and are run by instructor Daniel Masters, of Masters Fitness.

Slater said: “I’ve always believed we have a responsibility to help our employees stay happy and healthy, and the workouts have proven to be a hit.”

He added: “Even when our offices are full again, we will keep the workouts, as people have come to see them as something to look forward to. The best part for me is seeing valued colleagues maintaining the positivity and energy that makes CMAC a great place to work.”