Aberdeen is the best UK city for work-life balance

New data has highlighted that Aberdeen in Scotland is the best UK city for work-life balance, with working hours and commute times under the UK average.

UK lending and savings bank Shawbrook Bank carried out the research, which looked at career-orientated metrics to calculate the top places to work in the UK, including average salaries, weekly hours worked, commute times, quality of life and crime rate. Aberdeen’s title can be attributed to working hours and commute times under the UK average at 0.4 hours and 13 minutes respectively.

London is ranked second in the list, with the capital’s high average monthly salary and shorter commute times standing out as reasons why it scores highly in terms of a good work-life balance.

Belfast makes it into the top three as a result of its weekly working hours being below the UK’s average according to ONS figures, while Brighton and Bournemouth’s shorter working weeks also mean these cities are ranked fourth and fifth on the list.

Sally Conway, head of consumer communications at Shawbrook Bank, commented that the past 18 months have been “extremely difficult” for many Brits trying to regain their work-life balance.

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Conway explained that the happiest cities index takes into account a range of metrics that apply to a healthy work-life balance, allowing consumers to evaluate how they live and work and if their city allows for what they attribute to a healthy work-life balance.

“Being happy in the city you live in is so important but can depend on a number of factors. Whether it’s a shorter commute time, more hours of daylight or being able to choose from a vast array of takeaways or parks to enjoy, it’s important to consider what works best for you and your lifestyle,” she said.