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The Engagement Excellence Summit

Today, hundreds of HR changemakers descend upon The Brewery in London for a day of learning, inspiration and connection at the Engagement Excellence Summit. Since 2008, the Engagement Excellence event series has brought together thousands of HR professionals from across the UK to challenge them to think differently about engagement. The Summit is the biggest […]

7 tips for driving employee engagement in large and small companies

I want to start this article by talking about the benefits of employee engagement so that it’s clear why it is important to both big and small companies alike. There are many benefits from having engaged teams but here are the 7 most important in my opinion. Increased Staff Retention With the war for talent […]

Harrods, Pure Planet and Adecco Group awarded for employee engagement

Harrods, renewable energy firm Pure Planet and recruitment organisation The Adecco Group are among the organisations recognised at the 2019 UK and European Employee Engagement Awards. The annual event, which was held at the Troxy, London on 23 January 2020,  is designed to recognise organisations that put employee engagement at the heart of business strategy.  […]

Sausage dog shows owner that diversity and inclusion breeds better engagement

Something for the weekend: Despite his short legs, sausage dog Archie (pictured, right) has squeezed through the tight talent pipeline and taken on his dream role as a sheepdog.  Archie, who lives on a farm in Molong in New South Wales, has long been starstruck by the exciting lifestyle of sheepdogs. His owner noticed him […]

5 Unique and Impactful Employee Engagement Strategies to Deploy in 2020

Ensuring an employee’s well-being and career growth are two of the most powerful employee engagement strategies that the HR leaders can plan for in 2020. Gallup’s research has proven that talking to employees about their career growth periodically, creating a feeling of being cared for, and helping them build a tribe to belong to ensures […]

Increasing engagement with total rewards

Eight in ten employees underestimate the value of their total reward by up to 30%. When you think about this, it’s absolute madness that the majority of people who work for your company have no idea what they get. A new generation is entering the workforce, bringing a very different set of expectations and values […]

Blog: EMEA organisations are faced with employee engagement barriers

Only 23% of organisations in EMEA class themselves as tech innovators. HR and benefits teams in EMEA need the right technology in place to deliver on their engagement objectives. However, a lack of C-suite or board-level buy-in is one of the main barriers to investing in new technology. Thomsons Online Benefits’ blog looks at how […]

How does an employee recognition programme affect employee engagement?

Recognising and rewarding the great work that employees do is essential to driving employee engagement. For employees to feel focused, driven, and committed at work each day, it’s important that they see the meaningful difference that their projects are making – and employee recognition is one way of achieving this aim. There are, of course, many […]

5 employee engagement challenges keeping HR Directors up at night

The role of HR within organisations has evolved and expanded over the last two decades. It is now seen as a critical part of running a successful organisation. Human resources directors are responsible for far more than hiring and firing or smoothing over internal incidents! In fact, given the breadth of their responsibilities there are […]

Enhanced engagement: Positioning pensions within an employee value proposition

Need to know: Pension scheme positioning does not just enhance the employee value proposition (EVP) at the point of recruitment, but should be a factor in the entire employment life cycle. For a pension scheme to attract and retain talent, its contributions need to be more generous than the minimum set by the government. Wider […]

Whitepaper: Driving employee engagement in EMEA

Thomsons Online Benefits’ new research finds that organisations in EMEA recognise having a motivated workforce boosts productivity as well as innovation, so their attention has turned to increasing employee engagement. Download the whitepaper to discover how HR teams in the EMEA region are focusing their attention on creating a consistent employee experience and using tools to give their […]