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29% cannot explain how company cars impact upon their taxes

Under a third (29%) of respondents cannot explain how having a company car impacts on their taxes, and simply accept the amount that comes out of their pay packet, according to research by vehicle supply organisation OSV. Its survey of 759 individuals also found that 51% admit that they still do not understand the benefit-in-kind […]

Poll: 23% cite staff demand as reason to offer driverless vehicles as company cars

Employee Benefits poll: Less than a quarter (23%) of employer respondents cite employee demand as a factor that would influence their decision to include driverless vehicles in company car schemes. A poll of readers, which received 31 responses, also found that 26% of respondents view duty of care and safety concerns as a key […]

Panasonic provides electric company cars and free charging points to employees

Almost 20% of electronics manufacturer Panasonic’s 170-strong UK company car fleet is made up of hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs), supplied through provider Alphabet on a contract hire or salary sacrifice basis. Yet, while very much an evangelist for electric vehicles, Jason Plummer, senior manager at Panasonic, concedes electric is not going to suit all company […]

Are company cars taking up too much of your time?

Being responsible for even a small fleet of cars or vans can take up a huge amount of time: sourcing vehicles, scheduling planned maintenance, dealing with emergencies, repairs, parking tickets, speeding fines and so on. Additionally, unless you are ordering hundreds of vehicles, you won’t be getting the best discounts from the manufacturers and dealers. […]

33% name company cars as the best work perk

A third (33%) of employee respondents say that a company car is the best work perk an employer could offer, according to research by OSV Vehicles and Motoring. Its survey of 750 employees and 340 employers also found that a company car is the deciding factor for 19% of employee respondents when taking a job. The research also found: […]

Danone engages staff with company cars

Danone uses communication to ensure its longstanding company car scheme remains relevant and valued by staff. In September 2015, Danone launched a salary sacrifice car scheme as a separate benefit, which is offered alongside its existing company car plan. Both schemes are provided by Leaseplan. The new scheme is available to all of Danone’s 1,300 UK employees, including […]

Cancer Research UK outsources company cars

Charity Cancer Research UK has outsourced its company cars to control costs, introduce fleet best practice and reduce administration. The organisation has outsourced the management of its 180 cars to provider Fleet Hire in order to run its scheme more efficiently. The charity operates a contract hire scheme, with a single badge policy with Peugeot for […]

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Barclays chairman uses Feng Shui on company cars

Something for the weekend… The new chairman of Barclays, John McFarlane, has ordered a new fleet of cars for staff to improve Feng Shui. The bank used to have black limousines but now has a fleet of silver vehicles for executive employees in order to improve the harmony of those using them. McFarlane also made […]

Spie UK introduces hybrid company cars

EXCLUSIVE: Energy, safety and environmental solutions firm Spie UK has taken delivery of hybrid cars for its fleet. The new fleet comprises 1,000 ultra-low emission cars provided by ALD Automotive. The three-year contract with ALD Automotive is inclusive of accident management and total cost of ownership for employees, which provides a more detailed overview of […]

Two-thirds of employers recognise importance of company cars

Two-thirds of employer respondents say the company car is an important employee benefit, according to research by Lex Autolease.. Its Report on company motoring, which is compiled from independent surveys of more than 1,400 businesses, company car drivers and employees who use their own car for work purposes, also found that more than 60% of […]