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51% offer a car salary sacrifice scheme to boost staff morale

Just over half (51%) of employer respondents who offer a car salary sacrifice scheme to staff provide the benefit to raise employee morale, according to research by finance organisation Maxxia. Its HR views on salary sacrifice car schemes report, which surveyed 100 HR professionals in UK-based organisations with at least 250 employees, also found that 49% of […]

Hull College Group launches car salary sacrifice scheme

Hull College Group has launched a car salary sacrifice scheme for its 1,200 employees. The organisation has introduced the scheme as part of a wide-ranging employee benefits package, provided by BHSF Employee Benefits. The scheme, TCH Salsa, provided by TCH Leasing, was launched in May 2016 and is available to all employees. It allows staff to acquire a new […]

EXCLUSIVE: Royal Mail Group receives 1,200 orders for car salary sacrifice scheme

Royal Mail Group has seen staff place 1,200 orders for cars after launching a salary sacrifice car scheme in March. It launched its My Drive scheme, which employees can take up at any time and is provided by Zenith, in conjunction with the launch of its flexible benefits plan, branded My Bundle. During the three-week flex election […]

University of Lincoln introduces car salary sacrifice scheme

The University of Lincoln has launched a car salary sacrifice scheme for staff. The university, which employs 1,600 core members of staff, is introducing the scheme to further enhance its employee benefits offering. The car salary sacrifice scheme, which will sit alongside existing travel benefits, aims to support employees’ commutes to work in the rural […]

EXCLUSIVE: JLT achieves 18% engagement rate with car salary sacrifice scheme

EXCLUSIVE: Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) has seen 18% of eligible employees register interest in its car salary sacrifice scheme in the three months since it was launched. The insurance, reinsurance and employee benefits consultancy firm introduced the scheme, which is provided by Fleet Hire’s Car Salary Exchange, at the end of 2015. So far, a 1% […]

Travis Perkins launches car salary sacrifice scheme

Travis Perkins has introduced a car salary sacrifice scheme in order to enhance its employee benefits package. Since the scheme’s launch in March 2016, over 180 orders have been received. The scheme, provided by Car Salary Exchange, gives employees access to a choice of 4,000 new cars. The cars ordered thus far have average carbon emissions of 102g/km. […]

Buyer’s guide to car salary sacrifice schemes 2016

What are salary sacrifice company car schemes? Salary sacrifice car schemes have become a popular benefit, allowing employees to sacrifice a portion of their monthly salary in return for a new car. Employees benefit from having a safe, maintenance-free car, while employers go some way to demonstrating compliance with their duty-of-care requirements under the Corporate […]

Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Councils achieve 10% log-in for car salary sacrifice

Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Councils have achieved a 10% log-in rate to their dedicated driver site after revamping their car salary sacrifice scheme. The car salary sacrifice arrangement was revamped in June 2015 as part of wider changes to the local authorities’ employee benefits programme, which is provided by P&MM. Thus far, 100 orders have […]

Learn whether car salary sacrifice risks have become a reality at Employee Benefits Connect

Those attending Employee Benefits Connect can gain insight into the potential risks around car salary sacrifice arrangements, and how to select risk mitigation approaches that best suit their organisation. In the session ‘Salary sacrifice for cars: evolving solutions and the truth about risks’, Claire Evans, head of fleet consultancy at Zenith, will examine the risks […]

Learn about car salary sacrifice schemes fit for the future at Employee Benefits Connect

Delegates that attend Employee Benefits Connect 2016 can gain insight into how to offer a car salary sacrifice scheme that is effective for employers and employees now and in the future. During a roundtable session entitled ‘How to provide a successful salary savings car scheme’, Alison Argall, business development director at company car scheme provider Tusker, […]

EXCLUSIVE: Atos launches car salary sacrifice scheme

EXCLUSIVE: Digital services provider Atos has introduced a car salary sacrifice scheme for its 10,000 employees. The scheme, which launched on 1 February and is provided by SG Fleet, was initially communicated to employees with a teaser campaign in the run-up to the launch using  a range of posters, flyers and emails. Throughout February, the organisation […]

Wolseley UK introduces car salary sacrifice scheme

Heating, plumbing and building materials organisation Wolseley UK has introduced a car salary sacrifice scheme for all of its 6,500 employees. The scheme, provided by Zenith, was launched in November 2015 and the first car was delivered in early December. To date, 29 orders have been placed by Wolseley UK employees, three of which have already been delivered. […]