4Com gives staff extra £200 a month to help with energy bills

£200 a monthUK telecommunications provider 4Com has introduced an additional £200 a month payment for every member of staff in response to growing concerns around energy bills.

The energy support bonus, implemented as a result of forecasts projecting that energy bills could reach above £4,000 a year from January 2023 and in order to provide assistance to the team, will take effect immediately.

The announcement was made during one of 4Com’s regular monthly briefings for its 300 employees, delivered by chairman Daron Hutt.

Hutt said: “We are now seeing the situation with energy costs crystallising. We’ve built a truly fantastic team here, and the combined efforts of everyone have helped the business continue to grow. Thanks to that growth, we’re in a position where we can help offset some of the price rises that are clearly coming.

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“What we are putting into place, effective immediately, is an energy support bonus, whereby each and every person in the business will receive an increase of £200 a month in their pay slips until further notice.”

Gary Scutt, chief executive officer at 4Com, added: “Our priority with our energy support bonus is supporting the team we’ve built here over the years; they’re our most valuable asset. We are also continuing to grow at a rapid pace with more than 50 roles currently available, this bonus will be extended to all staff joining 4Com moving forwards.”