Zurich Australia introduces new family care policy for employees

Zurich Australia introduces family care policy for employees

Insurance organisation Zurich Australia is to introduce a new family care policy to support all working parents.

Its new policy, which will come into effect on 21 December 2020 replacing Zurich’s existing parental leave policy, will enable all primary parents to take up to 16 weeks’ paid leave and request up to two years’ leave. This will be inclusive of all routes to, and circumstances surrounding, parenthood, including birth, adoption, surrogacy, in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), miscarriage and stillbirth.

In addition, the organisation will provide co-parents with six weeks’ paid leave and additional unpaid leave.

Employees will no longer be required to meet tenure criteria, including passing their probationary period, in order to access the benefits. Previously, working parents had to work for the organisation for at least 26 weeks before being able to take up the benefits.

Under the new policy, personal and long service leave will continue to increase during unpaid leave for primary parents. Superannuation contributions will also continue to be made during periods of unpaid leave for primary parents.

Sue Maher, head of HR at Zurich Australia, said, “Our new policy reflects the many different voices of our diverse workforce, ensuring inclusivity and better supporting the range of family circumstances we see across Australia today

“Zurich’s approach to family care across Australia supports the global aspiration to create a fair, diverse and inclusive workplace with progressive and flexible support for all employees.”