Weightmans launches menopause and fertility policies

Law firm Weightmans has launched new policies to support employees affected by menopausal symptoms and those undergoing fertility treatment.

The policies will “empower and educate” staff, while outlining the rights and responsibilities of team managers and the wider workforce. They will also include training for managers and regular educational events to raise awareness throughout the business.

According to Weightmans, the initiatives have been introduced as it can be a “long, anxious journey” for those undergoing fertility procedures and many are unsure of what rights, if any, they have as employees.

Helen Taylor, HR director at Weightmans, commented that the organisation is pleased to be one of the first law firms to formalise support framework for staff affected by the menopause or undergoing fertility procedures. She believes that removing the stigma or taboo that normally surrounds such issues is crucial in ensuring staff can speak more openly about them and employers can offer the correct care to people.

“At Weightmans we are working hard to ensure we are there for every single member of our workforce, offering the right support for whatever they are going through. It’s also important for our people to understand the impact of the menopause or fertility treatment can have on those going through it, so they can better empathise and feel equipped to have supportive conversations with their colleagues,” she said.

Taylor added that the new policies are one step forward in ensuring Weightmans’ workplaces are truly open, tolerant and compassionate places to be, and the firm will continue to work hard to ensure there are no barriers to gaining the right support when it is most needed.