Total pay has increased by 3.6% since October 2018

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Nominal total pay, including bonus payments, for employees in the UK grew by 3.6% in real terms during the period of October 2018 to September 2019, according to analysis published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The Labour market economic commentary: November 2019 report, also found over the same period that regular pay, excluding bonuses, rose by 3.6%.

The average total pay for employees in the UK, before tax and other deductions, was £542 per week in nominal terms, and regular pay per week was £502.

In real terms, adjusted to reflect inflation, UK employees received a pay increase of 1.8% over the year, to £502 in September 2019, with a regular pay increase of 1.7% over the year, to £470.

Michael McLaughlin, head of employment practice at DWF, said: “With the UK employment rate stable at 76% and unemployment rates down 0.2% year on year at 3.8%, the jobs market has thus far been resistant to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the unresolved Brexit situation and related political instability.

“That said, the economy has slowed and so has growth in wages, underlining that the ongoing uncertainty is causing the economy to stagnate which is something that will eventually have a negative impact on employment figures”