Three ways to diversify your diversity initiatives


By Catrin Lewis, Internal Communications Manager 

Diversity may be the popular initiative right now, and that doesn’t make it any less important than it’s ever been. It’s a shame the conversation is only really starting to be heard. What we can all do now is listen to what’s being said and realise that there’s more to diversity than hiring a certain quota of the population.

At Reward Gateway, we believe in three key reasons why diversity and inclusion are key to our success:

  1. Fundamentally we believe that creativity and innovation come from diverse teams with varied backgrounds who constantly challenge each other and what they see.
  2. We’re in a competitive business and we can’t afford to have false barriers between us and the very best talent that can help our clients and our business.
  3. Our user base is highly diverse. If we are diverse ourselves, we’ll understand, empathise and serve them better.

Throughout the week commencing 22 January, we’re celebrating our first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Week at Reward Gateway, hosting a variety of activities and sharing stories of Diversity and Inclusion around the world.

We’ll share more about these events and stories on our social media channels, but I wanted to take a second to talk about how we’re making diversity less of a phrase and more of the norm.

Click here for 3 ways to diversity your own diversity initiatives.