Things people take issue with in an employee benefits scheme

We often speak with HR and employee benefits professionals that have had an employee benefits scheme in place for a number of years but have fallen out of love with it.

The reasons are varied and we’ve listed the main ones below but the common theme is the same; your business and workforce has evolved and left your employee benefits platform and provider behind. Frustratingly for some, their provider has moved with the times, and yet they find themselves stuck with previous generation technology.

Read on and see if any of these points resonate with you, and importantly what to do about it…

  • Frustration of being stuck with clunky, outdated legacy software.
  • Expensive maintenance costs that no longer represent good value.
  • Dwindling customer service as customer support agents are refocused on newer customers.
  • Reactive rather than proactive account management. It started out well with a proactive account manager that came to you with fresh ideas. Now you only know you have a new account manager when they introduce themselves when your contract is up for renewal.
  • No compelling reason to upgrade to the latest software. You’ve been given costs but they are on par with buying a new platform, so you may as well see what else is out there.
  • Staff use the platform less frequently as they favour intuitive, easy to use cloud platforms.
  • You love what’s in the current product and on the roadmap and yet you can’t benefit unless you upgrade.
  • You can’t get the reporting and insight you want, hindering your ability to evolve your scheme, match benefits and communications as the workforce changes over time.
  • The administration burden of operating the scheme is a drain on resources without contributing to the overall purpose of the scheme.

If these points strike a chord with you, consider your options. What are the consequences of maintaining the status quo versus the implications of reinvigorating your employee benefits scheme?

If you are held back by legacy technology and processes that were fit for purpose five years ago but not for today (or tomorrow), then the best employee benefits providers are able to help your business case and pave the way to migrate to a new platform.

As we head towards the end of 2017, you could be beginning 2018 with affordable, intuitive employee benefits on a fresh and fun, fully branded, single automated platform with fixed fees, no hidden costs and no costly upgrades.

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