Remote Working: How to Stay Resilient and Connected

The recent surge in remote working due to coronavirus has forced millions of people to rapidly adjust and shift to a new way of working. For many it’s been a challenging adjustment learning how to juggle work-life balance, stress and uncertainty in a constantly changing world. However, for many this has now become the new normal and provided a glimpse of what the future of work could look like. Below are some key tips to help businesses and organisations stay resilient and connected while working remotely:

Resilience is key

Adapting to a changing work environment has certainly been difficult for many businesses and workforces globally. At Achievers, we recently launched the COVID-19 Critical Event Response Survey and Toolkit where we identified six key protective drivers that help protect and build resilience and organisational continuity. It’s crucial that organisations start to build a culture of resiliency, especially during times of change. This can be achieved by clearly defining your company’s core values that will help to guide how the organisation operates as well as using employee feedback to identify and address issues in the workplace.

Virtual connectivity

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that things will go back to normal in the working world anytime soon. There’s no doubt that communications tools such as instant messaging, video and voice calling platforms have been crucial in helping to keep teams connected and that they’re here to stay. Microsoft Teams recently reported in April that the platform had seen daily active users reach 75 million. At Achievers, we understand how important it is for employees to stay connected during these difficult times. Social interactions in the office help to build bonds and connect individuals who may work in different teams and departments. At Achievers, our platform provides users with a ‘Coffee Chat’ feature that randomly selects and matches employees for an informal chat – investing in the right technology will help to keep your workforce connected.

Recognition and appreciation

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Recognition and appreciation within the workplace can have a powerful impact on employees’ working from home experience. Remote working can often lead to employee’s hard work going unnoticed and not being valued or appreciated. At Achievers, we recently launched a new report, which revealed that a high proportion of European workers believe that their company could do more to make them feel engaged with their work, and at the top of the list in most countries was enhanced recognition. 27 per cent of British workers said that the biggest factor hindering their engagement at work was feeling underappreciated for their contributions. Adopting an employee engagement platform will help to boost engagement levels, productivity and create an environment where employees can thrive.

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