Partied out and penniless

December has left me destitute. My piggy bank lies broken and empty, my lunchtime meal deal feels like an extravagant expense and I’m down to the Bountys in my box of Celebrations.

But I won’t mourn my dearly departed pennies. Between buying gifts for loved ones (then deciding to keep them for myself) to treating my mum to that ever so festively-expensive mulled wine, I’m proud of my vacant purse.

New Year. Same priorities

January is a time of reflection. And it’s made me think just how lucky I am to be able to indulge in these luxuries. Where would I have been without my steady income?

How would your clients cope at Christmas without regular earnings? If they fell ill this year could they afford the added expense that December brings? Would they have the savings to buy that fresh pine tree the family loves so much? Or the oversized turkey that finds its way into their sandwiches and curries until February? And what about the in-demand toys their children have politely written to Santa for?

When your client is already worried about how they’ll get back on their feet, they don’t want to then feel uncertain about making ends meet. Disappointment and stress on top of an already upsetting situation. Bah humbug you may say, but it’s the reality. And it could happen to anyone at any time.

A lot of people think if times get tough they can rely on their employer or the government. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. And if they can get help, it’s not by much. The average household Christmas spend last year was £809.971 – and with Statutory Sick Pay at £88.452 a week, that wouldn’t go very far.

How Royal London can help

Income protection is flexible and can be tailored to fit your clients’ exact needs. Royal London offer a choice of cover payments – 1 year, 2 year or term. Your clients can also choose to delay their payout to suit them.

Not only that, our income protection comes with Helping Hand. A range of services which offer your clients and their family3 the practical and emotional support they need on the road to recovery.

Income protection can ease the pressure if your clients find themselves in times of trouble. Protecting your clients’ mortgage is important. Protecting their happiness is crucial.

For further information please speak to your usual contact. Or visit adviser.royallondon/protection.

1 – November 2016

2 – December 2016

3      Helping Hand is available for the life assured, their spouse/partner and their children.