Median salary for graduate jobs rises by 1.25%


The median salary for graduate job roles has increased by 1.25% in the last year, rising from £27,654 to £28,000, according to research by Incomes Data Research (IDR).

The Graduate and apprentice pay 2019 report, based on research conducted in spring 2019 using information from 56 UK-based organisations that employ a total of 550,000 staff, also found that the median annual pay for degree-level apprentices has improved, rising from £16,000 last year to £17,875 this month.

The research further found that a first-year apprentice is likely to earn £6.65 per hour if working at an intermediate or advanced level; this is 71% higher than the statutory national minimum wage rate for apprentices of £3.90 an hour.

Higher level apprentices or those at degree level can receive up to £8.44 an hour or £9.14 an hour, respectively.

Zoe Woolacott, spokesperson at IDR, said: “The introduction of degree-level apprenticeships provides more choice for employers wishing to develop degree-qualified staff, with the benefit of a lower cost, at least initially.”