Lineside Logistics staff at Ford’s Dagenham plant vote to accept one-year pay deal


Approximately 300 contract staff employed by on-site logistics organisation Lineside Logistics, based at car manufacturer Ford’s plant in Dagenham, have voted to accept a one-year pay deal.

The agreement, negotiated with trade union Unite, awards employees a 3% pay rise, backdated to 1 July 2019.

The pay deal further confirms financial improvements to employees’ terms and conditions, such as an additional £25 per week payment for the organisation’s first aiders, as well as a new attendance-related bonus scheme.

Matt Smith, regional officer at Unite, said: “Following constructive negotiations, we were pleased to have recommended this pay deal, especially as it included additional money for volunteer first aiders and a new attendance bonus for employees, which could see an employee with 100% annual attendance rewarded with £500 extra pay.

“The money to reward hardworking volunteer first aiders and the attendance scheme are groundbreaking. We would certainly urge more employers to reward those prepared to save lives in the workplace.”

Lineside Logistics was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.