Office workers consume extra 700 calories a day

Office workers consume an extra 700 calories a day compared to other professions, according to a poll conducted by HR consultancy, Reabur.

The results show that 89% of office workers admit to snacking at their desks every day, compared to just 4% of those in the medical profession.

Over a quarter (26%) said they have gained weight since working in an office environment, and a further 46% said that they only snack out of ‘boredom’ while at work.

Co-founder of Reabur, Georgina Read said: “I would recommend if staff are keen to reduce their waistline they resist the temptation for snacks and instead go and get a glass of water.

“From a HR point of view, I would suggest people make the most of their scheduled break and lunch break no matter what their work environment.

“Not only will this help people resist the urge to snack but it will also boost productivity in the office.

“Having the occasional treat at work is a great way to socialise with colleagues; however, we must be careful to not allow it to become an everyday occurrence resulting in poor health.”

While it might be tempting to pick at cakes and biscuits during the office day, the EB team takes the health and wellbeing of colleagues very seriously. So much so that the biscuit tin has now been placed on the highest shelf to encourage stretching exercises at work.

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