Arqiva video puts workers in the picture on reward value

Communications and media services firm Arqiva has produced an online video to promote the value of reward and benefits to its staff and remind them what they have access to.

The video, to be launched this month, includes information about Arqiva’s core and voluntary benefits, as well as how its pensions salary sacrifice arrangement works. The film, created with Bluefin, includes an introduction by an HR representative. As well as being on the intranet, the video will be put onto an external website.

Janet McKenzie, head of reward and benefits at Arqiva, said: “Rather than just having slides on the intranet and emails, we are also going to have a video that talks through the benefits.†

“It is just about reminding people what they have got. We still get people saying ‘I didn’t know we had group life cover’. We are re-emphasising the total reward side of things, so it is not just base salary. We are getting staff to think about all these great benefits we offer.”

McKenzie said Arqiva was looking to introduce total reward statements next year to further highlight the value of employees’ total benefit package. “We will have to think about how we are going to represent [total reward].†

“With group life cover, for example, do you put what the company pays or do you put an indicative amount of what it might cost the employee if they had to buy it externally? This is often a big shock to people. If they had to go out and buy the benefits we provide as core, it would be a massive increase in cost for them.”

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