RBS adds interest to total reward package

Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) total reward strategy includes pay and employee benefits, but also focuses on learning and development for its 93,000 UK staff.

RBS’s Your Choice programme includes healthcare benefits, cars, flexible working and payroll giving. It also offers is also a Your Development-branded strand, which is broken down into various sub-programmes: Your Learning, which offers learning opportunities, online modules and offsite courses; Your Feedback, in which staff can tell RBS what they would like to see improved; Your Career, which gives advice on maintaining up-to-date CVs and encourages staff to take ownership of their future; and Your Performance, which encourages staff to manage and develop their performance.

Jim Cowan, head of benefits, says: “Total reward has, for many years, gone well beyond focusing on traditional pay, salary, bonuses and pensions. Over the past couple of years, we have invested quite heavily in playing up the broader range of things staff can access through RBS.”