Ministry of Justice brings new flexibility with launch

The former Department of Constitutional Affairs, now part of the newly-formed Ministry of Justice, has launched a number of new benefits in order to offer staff greater flexibility.

Holiday trading, childcare vouchers and an online voluntary benefits scheme will be launched alongside changes to the organisation’s pay and grading structure on 1 August, following a review over the past few years.

Staff will be able to buy and sell up to three days holiday a year, although this number will be reviewed once the scheme has been running for a period of time.

Hilary McCann, project manager of benefits, said: “People wanted more of a choice about the benefits package they receive and a one-size-fits-all wasn’t necessarily the best way to go.”

The organisation used employee focus groups and questionnaires to find out which benefits staff wanted when it initially started to look into possible changes to its pay and grading structure.

It also plans to launch a bikes-for-work scheme later this year.