Yvonne Stewart: Is shared parental leave a good thing?

With the shared parental leave reforms coming into force, Dell is evaluating the addition of shared parental leave to its existing range of policies.

Stewart Yvonne-Dell-2014

We definitely see it as a positive thing.

Dell has a longstanding culture of encouraging team members to optimise their work-life balance. We offer online training to help employees assess their current work-life balance, and overcome any internal and external obstacles to achieving a healthy balance.

Our goal is to ensure that all team members, regardless of gender, feel they have the tools and support they need to have healthy lives both inside and outside the office, and the shared parental leave policy will be designed to deliver on this commitment.

Shared parental leave will offer employees additional flexibility on top of our current flexible working policies, allowing parents to decide the best way to manage their precious time with their newborn or adopted child.

Yvonne Stewart is UK HR business partner at Dell