Legal and General: A third of group income protection claims are for mental health issues

One-third (31%) of the group income protection (GIP) claims received by Legal and General since 2000 were for mental health issues.

Its figures have found that the proportion of mental health claims is increasing, up by 6% since 2005, from 25% to 31%.

In the finance and insurance sectors, 44% of claims are due to mental health issues.

Diane Buckley, managing director of group income protection at Legal and General, said: “Our mental health claim figures, which have increased by 6% in the last six years, show how important it is for employers to help their staff with mental health issues.”

In the coming months, Legal and General will publish analyses around other group income protection claims, such as arthritis, back problems, cardiovascular, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive, musculo-skeletal issues, nervous system, respiratory and cancer.

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