Honeywell launches a common car policy

Honeywell is putting a standard car policy in place across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), using one car manufacturer as its primary provider.

The technology and manufacturing group is also embarking on a long-term plan to standardise benefits in each of the countries across the region, starting with the UK. The move follows an active acquisition period for the company, which has resulted in parts of the organisation offering different benefits.

Debra Corey, director of compensation and benefits EMEA, said: “The main reason we want to [introduce a car policy] is consistency because we found that even within one country we were doing it ten different ways.”

Corey is currently looking at introducing cash allowances across the region, subject to tax and legislative restrictions. A single manufacturer will be selected as the main supplier. “One thing we are finding is that one brand of car manufacturer may be very attractive in one country but then you go to another country and nobody knows what it is,” she added.

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Corey has ruled out offering benefits through either a voluntary or flexible benefits scheme across EMEA, due to regional differences in culture and benefits’ practice. Instead, the company will implement a standard benefits policy within each country.

Honeywell has four key business areas: automation and control solutions, aerospace, transportation, and specialty materials for use in chemical and engineering companies.