Nuance Communications’ global framework supports growth

Nuance Communications has created a global framework within its HR and reward functions to support its international expansion strategy.

The process involved collaboration between its compensation and benefits, and merger and acquisition (M&A) teams.

As well as growing organically, the company makes a number of acquisitions each year. Spencer Roach, compensation and benefits manager international at Nuance, says: “It is very acquisitive, very fast-growing. At any given time, I seem to be dealing with two or three acquisitions.”

The framework to support this activity includes a number of templates that can be used during an M&A, for example to help it to identify retention issues at an early stage and a due-diligence checklist. In terms of compensation, Nuance also has also a job code structure and a global survey provider. Together, these enable it to slot an employee into a structure, which can be immediately tied to local market data and practices, says Roach.

“By having that globalised model, we can quickly get localised information on the ground. It gives us something to aim for. You are giving consistency, but you are also quickly able to offer people something extra.

“People can start to see the value of being in a larger, more global organisation.”

Nuance’s benefits templates include a tool that has details of all its benefits around the world, as well as templates that enable it to compare benefits in local markets. “That analysis approach enables us to figure out the best options,” says Roach.

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Its relationship with global broker Aon Hewitt often helps it obtain better terms.