Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust launches green salary sacrifice car scheme

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust has launched an environmentally friendly salary sacrifice car scheme for its 2,900 employees.

The scheme, which is provided by Tusker and procured by CPC, enables staff to make monthly car payments out of their gross salary. CO2 emissions have been capped at 150g/km for cars selected through the scheme, which was launched in June.

Peter Ainsworth, interim programme manager at the Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “Some of the cars staff were using were quite old and not very green or had quite high mileage rates. The salary sacrifice scheme is a way of getting them to change cars.”

In the autumn, the trust will also introduce an online expenses scheme, provided by NorthgateArinso. Through the scheme, drivers will plot all the addresses they drive to for work purposes on an online system, which will then calculate their daily mileage. The data will be sent to the employee’s manager for authorisation before fuel expenses are paid to the driver.

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