How to save employees time with your employee benefits platform

It’s one thing saving your employees money, but it’s another saving them time. By offering the right employee benefits in the right way you can save your employees loads of time!

Why do I need to prioritise saving employees time?
Take employee discounts for example. It’s one thing offering great savings at the UK’s most popular retailers, but if it takes way too much time for your employees to access them eventually, they’re going to give up.

Research shows that through mobile, 53% will leave a web page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

So, if your employee benefits platform is slow to use and your best benefits are inaccessible, you’re not going to achieve the uptake or engagement you’re looking for.

So, how can you save employees time with your employee benefits platform?

Good UI/UX
As mentioned, you could have a whole suite of the best, most popular employee benefits available to your staff, but what if your employees can’t find them?

A good User Experience (UX) on your platform will make a world of difference and a good User Interface (UI) will compliment it.

The UX design dictates the usability of your platform and considers psychology and user behaviour when designing the layout and positioning of elements. UI design dictates the more visual aspects and looks to enhance the UX.

Good UI/UX design is quite literally an art. You may not even notice when you’re browsing through a website with good UI/UX design as it’ll be so seamless. You’ll almost certainly spot a website with bad UI/UX design.

A bad user experience on your benefits platform will almost certainly hinder how your employees access those benefits. A good UI/UX will help your employees find what they’re looking for much quicker, saving them time and effort!

So, what can you do to improve it?

Check the data, see how your employees interact with your employee benefits platform.

Try a survey. This is a solid way to gauge how your employees view your benefits platform.

Speak to your benefits platform provider. If your survey tells you your employees are having a bad experience on your platform, your benefits uptake is low, and the data shows your employees aren’t spending much time on your platform, work with your provider and see if they can optimise it for you.

Instant Discounts
Thanks to good UI/UX design, your employees have found those discounts they were looking for in a matter of seconds. Now they’re there, you want them to receive those discounts as quickly as possible, right?

With Instant Discounts, employees can receive their discounts digitally in a matter of seconds. They can be used as and when the employee needs them, but they’re perfect for that last-minute checkout moment when you’re looking to make a saving.

With an easy-to-use platform and instant discounts, you’ve given your employees an even quicker and easier way to save. The level of discounts your employees can make will dictate how often your employees use them, but so will how accessible they are.

If the discounts you offer through your benefits platform help save your employees money while being easily accessible, you’re on to a winner!

Provide benefits employees won’t get anywhere else
This doesn’t just mean benefits employees wouldn’t get at other companies, but benefits and perks they wouldn’t find anywhere else, even on the high street.

Take loans for example. Salary deducted loans can provide a great alternative for employees to loans with high street lenders.

With a bike scheme, employees can make savings they won’t find on the high street too.

With workplace ISA’s employees will find savings options they won’t get anywhere else.

By providing the best way to manage your finances, the best way to purchase a brand new bike, or the best way to save, you’re saving employees time by providing them the best options without the need to use comparison sites or search online for the best interest rates for example!

Use your platform as a communications hub
Your benefits platform can be used for a multitude of things to help make your employees’ lives easier.

For example, you could look at integrating booking holidays into your platform. You could also include a way for employees to make employee forum suggestions through the platform. Anything like company calendars, news and updates could also be integrated.

If all your employees are accessing your benefits platform, it makes sense to integrate these processes where possible!

There are loads of ways you can help save your employees not just money, but time with your employee benefits platform! Try these out!