German government extends child sickness benefit for working parents

German government extends child sickness benefit

The German government has extended its child sickness benefit in 2021 to further support working parents during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The enhancements in childcare sickness benefit are due to the German government extending Coronavirus lockdown restrictions and imposing tougher measures until 31 January 2021.

Employees with responsibilities for children will receive 10 additional days per parent, while single parents will receive an extra 20 days of leave at full pay. The benefit gives working parents more time to look after their children if they fall ill. The new extension will apply to scenarios where the care of the child at home is required because the school or kindergarten class or group is closed due to Coronavirus restrictions.

In addition, the German government is requesting organisations to introduce generous home office options to enforce the ‘stay at home’ message to employees across the country.

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Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, said: “A very important signal on the part of the federal government today is that if parents have significant problems with childcare and it is not possible to cover this with emergency care alone, then there is the possibility of submitting additional sick days with full wages. That is a very strong and important offer.

“This means that all parents who can not find emergency care and who have no other option to look after their children then have the option of staying at home themselves with financial compensation. This is an important commitment on the part of the federal government that will make the situation easier. We really ask for your understanding.”