Email segmentation makes for a great employee experience

Email segmentation 

by Rachel Bathard, senior communications consultant, Benefex

‘Email segmentation is quick and easy,’ said no one ever.

What is segmentation?
Segmentation is fast becoming a trend in the world of email marketing. It is a way of dividing or segmenting your audience into different groups.  To do that, you’ll need to craft targeted email campaigns that includes relevant content.

Those who take advantage of it, and do it well, can reap the benefits of higher click-through rates, better engagement, and overall positive user experiences than those who don’t.

It also helps to improve your email reputation.  If you continue to segment your employees, then over time they will know that the email content will be interesting to them – because it always has been. In other words, your sender reputation increases and the chances of it going to the spam folder decreases.

If we think about the emails we get as a consumer, aren’t the ones we open usually the ones whose content always seems to appeal to us, or relevant to us at that time?

How do you segment your audience?
Think about your target audience and what the overall objective of sending that communication is. Then look at the information you hold for that person or group of people. How can you utilise it to make the content relevant and relate back to your overall campaign objective? Can you target specific people based on behaviours, locations, demographics, status etc.?

It’s also worth considering what’s happening at that time of year. What can you link it to that will encourage them to engage, or click through to your site?

So, how does segmenting your audience improve engagement?
Have you ever received an email offering you a discounted meal or a free drink on your birthday? How did that make you feel? Epic, right?

This is the epitome of email segmentation. It’s personal, timely and relevant. Everything you need to consider when creating a strategy for an email campaign.

Not all people are the same, and sending a blanket email to everyone can frustrate and disengage people. You must try and tailor messages that include emotive content to targeted groups of people. Why? As someone who doesn’t have children, would I read an email about Childcare Voucher changes? Probably not. However, would I read an email on how to save money at local high street stores at Christmas? Yes.

You could personalise your content even more. For example, how about: ‘Hello Rachel, we noticed you recently visited our store but didn’t buy anything. So, here’s a 20% discount for you to enjoy on your next visit.’ I’m sold.

Ultimately email segmentation, or targeting, helps to improve overall engagement. It increases open and click through rates because the content is relevant to that individual at that time. You have basically caught them hook, line and sinker.

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So, I’ll leave you with one question. Why would you not segment?

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