Aer Lingus introduces 50% pay cuts and reduces hours for 4,500 staff

Aer Lingus introduces 50% pay cuts and cuts to working hours

Irish airline Aer Lingus is to introduce 50% pay cuts and respective reductions to working hours for its 4,500 employees, to cope with the financial constraints of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, from 21 June 2020.

The organisation has been in talks with union group ICTU Group of Unions in relation to its Covid Crisis Recovery Plan document to avoid implementing these measures, but the union has not, as of yet, accepted these conditions.

Aer Lingus has also been in regular communication with employees, detailing any changes that may affect them.

The organisation is also planning work practice and work organisational changes.

A spokesperson at Aer Lingus said: “Throughout this crisis, Aer Lingus has been communicating directly with our employees. We have already communicated with them on an individual level as we align working hours and pay with the amount of work that needs to be done.

“If accepted, the Covid Crisis Recovery Plan document that had been put to the ICTU Group of Unions would have prevented the planned implementation of reductions in pay below 50% and the lay-offs that were to come into effect from 21st June 2020.

“Unfortunately, Aer Lingus has not received the required confirmation of acceptance from all of the Unions within the ICTU Group of Unions.

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“Aer Lingus will now progress with the implementation of the planned layoffs and reductions to working hours and pay. Aer Lingus will also progress with the implementation of the work practice and work organisation changes.”