Achievers Listen now available as a standalone solution

Achievers Listen is now available as a standalone solution. Listen is a continuous employee listening tool designed to ask questions and engage with employees in a scientifically validated way. The product is designed around a scientific model of employee engagement developed by Achievers, based on research led by Chief Workforce Scientist Dr. Natalie Baumgartner.

Listen transforms the outdated approach to gathering feedback via annual employee engagement surveys. The solution incorporates always-on employee listening through Allie, an intelligent digital chatbot “coach,” which gives employees an outlet to share their feedback anytime. Listen also empowers managers to take real-time, bite-sized action by guiding them through a simple, step-by-step flow that bridges the gap between engagement feedback and customised action to address engagement needs at the team-level. “Providing managers with a library of engagement actions to select from or complex action plans to work from does not translate into real engagement action. We are breaking the mould by empowering managers to simply and easily identify what their people need‚ÄĒand then deliver,” said Dr.¬†Natalie Baumgartner, chief workforce scientist, Achievers.

“Engagement is a science, and part of that science is measuring and analysing employee sentiment on a day-to-day basis,” Baumgartner continues. “Engagement is a fluid, personal and constantly active phenomenon. By combining engagement science with AI technology, we can fill a void in the market around action-based employee listening and help employers map out the entire engagement process in a very scientific, yet accessible way.”

Customer¬†Andrew Pryor, SVP of HR,¬†ECi Software Solutions, says, “One of our corporate goals as a company is for our employees to feel recognised for their contributions. As a global business, feedback from our employees is critical to achieving both our company goals and our business targets.¬†What we love about Achievers Listen is that the programme chatbot, Allie, guides employees through more in-depth questions regarding their engagement levels‚ÄĒresulting in richer feedback. The responses of our employees will allow ECi to take more timely action on areas negatively impacting our employee engagement.¬†Additionally, it will allow us to reinforce those actions that strengthen the engagement of our employees.”

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In addition to showcasing their full suite Achievers Employee Engagement Platform at stand E50 at Employee Benefits Live 2018, Achievers Senior Director EMEA, Denise Willett, will join a panel of experts at the show on 2nd October at 13.30 to discuss strategies for future-proofing the employee experience.

To learn more about Achievers Listen, sign up for a¬†demo today, email [email protected] or call 0344 3815061.