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Vinita Arora: Is unlimited holiday a positive reward strategy or a potential headache?

In a changing workplace where job seekers increasingly value work-life balance over remuneration, some are turning to unlimited annual leave to attract top talent. In theory, flexible holiday can make commercial sense, as happier staff are generally more productive. However, there can be pitfalls, both legally and practically. Legally, employers are required to ensure that […]

Muckle Media launches enhanced flexible benefits and unlimited holiday

Creative public relations agency Muckle Media has this week (11 February 2019) launched an enhanced flexible benefits and unlimited holiday package for its Scotland-based employees. The new benefits have been introduced to coincide with Valentine’s Day, and as part of the organisation’s #LittleThings campaign; this aims to attract and retain the best talent within the industry, in addition to supporting Muckle […]

Farnell Clarke to launch six-hour working days and unlimited holiday

Accountancy firm Farnell Clarke is to introduce a new six-hour working day and an unlimited holiday policy, effective from 1 February 2019. The working day initiative, which focuses on output rather than length of time, also empowers the firm’s 38 staff to work when, where and how they want in order to give them complete […]

Unlimited holiday must be managed well to motivate staff effectively

Leeds-based recruitment and executive search organisation Charlton Morris introduced an unlimited leave policy for its senior consultants in January 2017 as part of a wider strategy to attract and retain talent. Unlimited leave is available to consultants who have been with the business for two years or more, which currently accounts for 14 of the organisation’s 41 employees. […]

Charlton Morris introduces unlimited holiday for senior consultants

Executive search firm Charlton Morris has introduced unlimited holiday for its senior consultants to help staff achieve a better work-life balance. The Leeds-based organisation is offering unlimited holiday to consultants who have been with the business for two years or more as a way to reward staff for their continued hard work, as well as provide […]

LinkedIn US to introduce unlimited holiday

LinkedIn is introducing unlimited holiday for its US employees, from 1 November 2015. The social media organisation, which employs 8,700 full-time staff worldwide including some 6,000 in the US, is changing its holiday policy in line with one of its key values: ‘Act like an owner’. Its move to a new discretionary time off (DTO) […]

Gardner Leader gives 135 employees unlimited paid holiday

Law firm Gardner leader has launched an unlimited paid holiday policy for all of its 135 employees, rolling the scheme out to four offices across the South East and London. The scheme was launched on 1 February 2020, following a successful 12-month trial during 2019. The policy allows for unlimited annual leave at the manager’s discretion, […]

Jonckers introduces unlimited paid holiday globally

Global translation organisation Jonckers is implementing an unlimited paid holiday scheme for all 350 employees across the 10 countries in which it operates. Following an initial trial in its Czech and Slovak offices, which began this month, the organisation will roll out unlimited holiday for its 172 Belgian employees from March. It plans to offer […]

Emma Hart: What is the impact of introducing unlimited leave?

In the summer of 2014, Visualsoft introduced a new benefits package that included unlimited paid holiday. Our main aim was to create a culture of trust, empowerment and increase employee engagement. Introducing unlimited leave into an organisation leads to creating a shift in culture and trust. Employees are given guidelines to work within, but the general […]

Maggie Stilwell: What is the impact of introducing unlimited leave?

An engaged and highly motivated workforce are commercial imperatives for most organisations and at EY we are always exploring new and progressive ways to retain and attract high-performing talent. So it did not escape our notice that some employers have made the move to grant unlimited annual leave to their employees, citing the positive impact the […]